Liverpool Backgammon Club


The 25th Liverpool Backgammon Open will take place 10th - 12 July 2020 at Leo's Casino.


Liverpool Open Champion 2019: Kev Jones

Runner-up: Stephen Drake




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Many congratulations to the tournament winners and finalists.


Liverpool Open Champion 2019: Kev Jones.  

Runner-up: Stephen Drake;  

Losing Semi-finalists: Brian Lever, John Gallagher.

Liver Trophy (Consolation) winner: Steve Bibby;  

Runner-up: Gaz Owen.

Last Chance winner: Dorothy Lee;  

Runner-up: Eric Maillebiau.

1pt Shootout winner: Daniel Molan;  

Runner-up: Christophe Guicheteau.

Doubles winners: Frank Fleming & Liam Weston;  

Runners-up: Marianne Petersen & Lise Nielsen.

Swiss Consolation winner: Pam Wright


For full set of results click  here.  


To read your Swiss and playoff results, read along the row with your name at the start.